Fine gems. Exclusively for the jewelry trade.

an artisanal gem cutting company

B2B Site Optimized for Jewelers

Most gem websites fall into 2 categories: Either prices are accessible to your customers or not shown at all and an inconvenient, time-consuming inquiry is needed. Our site is custom built for jewelers — prices are visible right there, but only with a B2B login.

Why only B2B?

We don’t want to go after our customer’s clients. We only sell to the trade because distributing through a network of jewelry professionals allows us to focus on what we do best: sourcing and cutting beautiful stones.

Quality Stones

Your jewelry will stand out with our bright, perfectly cut gems. We have a large collection to choose from, currently 2450 pieces and counting!

Risk Free Purchases

2 week returns with no questions asked. If you don't love it, send it back!

Full Disclosure

Since we source and cut every stone, we know the full story of each gem. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

What we do


The workhorse of daily jewelry business, it comes in a great variety of colors. Generally lower to middle price range.


Well known, in the lower to mid price range. Often romanticized and has seen a resurgence since Princess Markle’s wedding.


Comes in a beautiful range of colors with a brilliant luster. Higher price point and a gem for a true connoisseur.


Rich in color, it’s one of the best sellers for jewelry stores. Looks more expensive than it actually costs.


Comes in almost every color and a wide range of price points. Priced from very affordable (Rhodolite) up to high-end (Tsavorite & Demantoid)

Access to a large collection

Exclusively B2B

'No Questions Asked' Returns