Why are we called Nomad's?

What's the meaning behind the name Nomad's?⠀

The name Nomad's describes our lifestyle and reflects how much we have to move in our work. ⠀

• It takes a lot of travel through mining areas to find beautiful gems to bring to our workshop and cut. ⠀
• Then we hit the road again to make sales at trade shows or by visiting jewelers in person.

It signifies travel through social milieu as well as geographic space; we buy from miners in the bush and desert and sell to the most refined high-society jewelers of Place Vendome and Fifth Avenue. To find common understanding and build friendships everywhere is a great adventure.⠀

It also refers to an inner journey of personal growth in knowledge, understanding, and expertise. ⠀

We started by mastering how to place facets and polish well. Now, as we move forward, we find ourselves acquiring unexpected skills: the arts of writing, photography, and web design. ⠀

We're not sure what we'll learn next, but we're looking ahead eagerly.⠀

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