The Team

There is an intriguing phenomenon in the world...

Inexplicably and for no apparent reason, one-in-a-million-kids grow up fascinated by rocks. They visit mineral shops, spend their allowance on small crystals instead of toys, and dream of spending their life with gems. As they come of age, they look around for opportunities and end up studying gemology, often in Bangkok at GIA or AIGS. After graduation, they begin seeking an entry point into the trade only to realize that the trade is a somewhat closed community, with most companies being a family-business or one-man show.

We work with each new team member to come up with an idea, an area of activity that we aren't already doing. The goal is for each person to develop their own niche of responsibility and create new business opportunities. For example, Craig, the most recent addition to the team, built and runs this website. We started doing business online, thanks to him joining the team.

Nomad's provides an open and flexible, willing-to-try-new-things environment that gives each person an opportunity. Each team member has their own story, yet the common thread is their shared passion for gems and beauty (and tea).