Communicating the full story


Every gem carries a story...

Level 1 – Mining partnership
We have an established partnership in place with the mining company who produced this gem. This means we have direct insight into the production practices of this mining operation as we have visited the site on many occasions. We are financially invested in the mining process and partner in its development. We can confidently testify to the provenance of this gem and provide further detailed information on the mining procedures in place.
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Level 2 – On-site Contact
We purchased this gemstone from a contact with direct access to the mine location and with whom we have maintained a long and trusted business relationship. Our supplier has clearly reported on the exact mining locations and production practices applied. In some instances, we have visited the mining operations ourselves and have witnessed the extraction process. In both cases we have very good visibility of the gem’s life cycle and can testify fairly confidently to the provenance of this gemstone. 
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Level 3 – Trusted Dealer
We purchased this gemstone from a gem dealer, with whom we have developed a business relationship for years. The dealer functions as a middleman between the mining cooperative or a local broker and us. As far as we know, the gem has traveled from the mine to a larger nearby city where our contact purchased it before bringing it to show our buyers. Based on our information and source, we are confident in the country of origin but are unable to validate the exact mining location. 
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Level 4 - Open Market
We purchased this gemstone from a gem dealer. Based on the information provided by our supplier and/or the origin determination given by a lab certificate, we determine the country of origin as listed. We do not have enough information to fully confirm the exact journey the gem has taken from the mining location to us. 
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