No-Travel Tucson Sale

All of 2020, we were busy cutting and polishing gems that we'd normally unveil in Tucson. The show is happening this week, however, most people can't make it -- so we're bringing it to you!

Explore the newest collections and take 10% off anything that catches your eye! (Sale ends Thurs, Apr. 15th)

Handpicked for you

At the shows, people often ask us which stones would we personally recommend -- look no further! Each one of these stones caught our eye for different reasons; some for the incredible color or unique shape, others for their great price point!

All have short descriptions about what makes them unique & why we think you might like them + extra photos and videos!

Precious Topaz

Delightfully sunny and bright, this well-known material is marvelous for everyday wear. It's warm and inviting, going well with nearly everything!

We've partnered with a historic mine in Ouro Preto, Brazil to bring this under appreciated gem to you in 2021.

The BIG 3: Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire

We're not well-known as dealers in the big 3, however, we do have some beautiful, well-cut and bright pieces.


Classic & ever-popular, one of the common questions at the show is 'What new aqua do you have?'

Good news! We've built out our collection of aqua, just in time to share with you here.

Mandarin Garnet

Like a dozen fresh-picked oranges, squeezed into a concentrated crystalline form -- we've been busy cutting both Nigerian & Tanzanian Mandarin Garnets and are ready to give you first pick!


One of our most popular shapes -- the ever elegant & chic asscher. Needs no further introduction.


This year we sourced and cut a lot of tanzanite -- most of our customers report great success with it, whether the rich jewel tones or the more pastel lavenders. Incredible color variation makes for some great options.