Trained as a physicist, he started Nomad's with friends and made it what it is today. A master at negotiation, he buys all the rough for cutting. Is always up for a cup of tea and a friendly philosophical discussion or a game of tennis or chess. 

Speaks English, Russian, & dabbles of Swahili
Based in Bangkok


Attentive to customers, he's been known to spend hours sorting through tiny stones to find the perfect piece for a client request. Also a gastronome, he loves to experience the flavors and spices of local cuisine and modern creative chefs. If he's on a sales trip in your area, be sure to point out your favorite places...no need to be luxurious, sometimes the best experiences are street food. Handles the Asian side of Nomad's. 

Speaks English, Thai, & some Mandarin
Based in Bangkok


A graduate in philosophy and international relations, she's also a practitioner of jiu jitsu. This means she can kick butt both literally and metaphorically. Good news is, she's kind enough not to do that. She's incredibly friendly and is our go-to person for everything Nomad's in Europe.

Speaks French, Italian, German, English, Portugese & Spanish.
Based in Milan


An intriguing double major in geology and photography, she later worked in retail jewelry before joining the team. Now she handles everything Nomad's in the US (& Canada, but who's counting). Skilled at putting unique combinations of stones together; she's always working on something new. 

Speaks American & some French
Based in New York City


We prefer to call Seb the company brain. He knows everything there is to know about mines, gemology, random facts, and the electrical chemistry of semiconductors. Always on the lookout for interesting stones and something new to learn. He works with Singaporean clients and helps with the rest of Asia.

Speaks French, English, & some German
Based in Bangkok


Embodying the Nomad's spirit of always being on the move, she's lived in 6 countries in the last 10 years. Super good with logistics, she works magic in excel and the B2B Instagram account. 

Speaks French, English, & Spanish
Based remotely in Mexico


Makes some of the best pasta we've ever had. Part-time photographer, model, athlete, and adventurer - she loves to travel and takes every possible opportunity to visit a mine. She works with Italian clients and the rest of Europe. 

Speaks Italian, English, & French 
Based in Milan


After working in sales, Slavik is back behind the cutting wheel again, starting our newest cutting workshop. Also known as Mr. Personality, he's always up for a laugh, good story, or a hug. Extra points if it includes all three. 

Speaks Russian, English, Portuguese, & Hugs 
Based in Lisbon


Makes amazing stuff happen with her camera and eye for detail. When not busy taking photos, you'll probably find her out rock climbing or hiking. 

Speaks English & Thai
Based in Bangkok


A familiar face from our Instagram stories, she drives our social media efforts. Her background in portrait photography brings a unique perspective to our photos. Her current hobby is studying cognitive science & psychology in a bid to figure out how the mind works.

Speaks English & Russian
Based in Bangkok


Manages the website & online marketing efforts. Studied theology in university, traveled the world, and taught English in China for a few years before coming across a documentary about gemstones, which put him on a course to Nomad's.

Speaks English & Thai
Based in Bangkok