Explore where our stones come from

Sourcing stones is close to our heart. The adventure of finding rough stones is a significant part of our Nomadic lifestyle. As we travel, we experience various cultures, not just looking from the outside in as tourists but also needing to fit in well enough to form lasting relationships with local miners and rough dealers.

Ideally, these relationships develop further into friendships and business partnerships. Once this takes place, we're able to openly share information and help each other practically - working together to bring incredible gems to the world instead of sitting across the table and negotiating against each other.

For every gem in our collection, we actively ask our suppliers about how the mines operate. In a few cases, the miners are our partners, with proceeds and expenses openly shared for mutual success. Other sources come to us through trusted brokers who travel from the mining regions to our offices with quality rough. Some pieces we acquire in the open market and consequently have less information on the exact source because of the longer chain between the mine and our cutting workshop. All the information is carefully noted for each stone, and those details, as well as our level of certainty in the data, are then passed to you.