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Our Workshop

The Art of Faceting at the highest level involves a careful and methodical and yet at the same time imaginatively artful approach. It may take days, even weeks to plan an important piece. A rough gemstone is full of promise. In the hands of a Master Cutter its true beauty and grace are developed and revealed.

Where will the table be? How to work around the inclusions to bring out a clean stone? How to reach the harmonious proportions for maximum brilliance and outline sensual flowing lines and curves? A three-dimensional image forms in the Master’s mind. Decisions are made. Resolutely the stone is sliced to remove blemished parts, and then carefully shaped using a diamond-charged cutting wheel. Ready for the final stage.

The Cutter and the gem form a cosmic link. The patterns of facets are created and the facets are polished. Extreme effort and concentration are key to creating a beautiful masterpiece. Every line, point and facet must be ideal. The polishing must be perfectly smooth and flat.

As the final touches are made, the Master is in a trance-like state of mind, on a peak of attention and awareness. The gem acquires its new radiant look. A culmination of all emotions, calculations and contemplation experienced in the faceting of this stone is embodied in the finished jewel. And what a sight it is to behold.