Our Philosophy

There's something in the way light travels through different mediums. It bends, it changes and it reflects. It is absorbed and it finds a new path. In this light you find color, brilliance, pattern and warmth. In this light, we find inspiration. Light can travel through air, water, and most spectacularly through crystals. Here it bends (refracts), disperses and reflects to produce the mesmerizing scintillation we see in well-cut gemstones.

Mother Nature is the world’s first true artist and some of her finest work forms deep within the earth’s crust where conditions are just right for elements to come together to form magnificent crystals. There are many different kinds of crystals, each with its own optical properties, and each one reacts with light in an unique way. We have learned to use this interaction between light and crystals to create our beautifully cut gemstones.

Today, Nomad's is a gem house with a global presence that works with a diverse array of gemstones from across the world, focusing on fine material and precise cutting. We specialize in one-of-a-kind pieces perfect for custom jewelry heirlooms.   For us, gem cutting is an art form; the stones are small sculptures that should be traded with respect for their beauty and rarity.