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Sources: Tanzania, Nigeria, Mali, Kenya,
Namibia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique
Hardness: 6.5-7.5
Common treatments: none

When using the term "garnet," gemologists refer to a group of more than ten different species of similar chemical composition. There are two main garnet groups; one consisting of the Aluminum members, Almandine, Pyrope and Spessartine which display warm red and orange hues; the second group is comprised of calcium members, Andradite, Grossular and Uvarovite.

Garnets have been known to mankind for thousands of years. Legend says that Noah used a garnet lantern to help him steer his ark through the dark night. Garnets are also found in jewelry from early Egyptian, Greek and Roman times.

Garnets are formed during mountain-building events where rocks are put under immense pressure. These types of geologic events can happen all over the world. However, most of the gem-quality rough we source comes from Africa, where we hand-pick the finest gem material and cut it with extra care to enhance their natural beauty.