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Most of the stones are located in our New York office, but some may be in Milan or Bangkok. When shipping internationally, we use FedEx International Express with a delivery time of 2-5 days.

Generally speaking, if the stone has to cross an international border the cost is $80.

Shipping costs:

Domestic (United States): Free

International: $80

International (over $1000+): $40

International (over $2500): Free

Based on both the customer and the stone’s location.

Sometimes an alternative stone is available in our NYC office and can be substituted to avoid the shipping cost. Tracy and Philippine will be in touch to confirm all those details with you before processing the request.

If you’re in the US and aren’t in a rush for a stone located in our Milan or Bangkok office, your stone can be included in the next regular shipment between offices to save on international shipping costs. Time varies: generally 3-5 weeks

Let us know. We have stock not yet listed. We may have what you're looking for!

Yes. We try hard to make sure the colors are accurately recorded.  At any time though, let us know and we'd be happy to send additional photos or videos of any stones you're interested in. 

We want to save you the disappointment of your "purchased" stone being unavailable.

The sun never sets on the Nomad's empire. The stone you are looking at could currently be on a sales trip or at a trade show.  When you request availability, we confirm that your particular stone is immediately available and then contact you to finalize shipping and payment details. 

The sales team will confirm the stone's availability and contact you to finalize payment & shipping details.

Not a chance. Not even if you send us adorable pictures of kittens. If you do, we reserve the right to send Chuck Norris after you and no good could possibly come from that.

In all seriousness though, we ask that you don't. If you want to refer your friends in the business to us, please let us know or fill out this login request application.

Yes, sure. Please don't post them anywhere else though. 

Only members of the jewelry trade. We have no interest in going after your clients.

Yes. There have been a lot of scams in the trade recently where con artists hack into email accounts and highjack the conversation, impersonating the seller and asking for the payment to be sent to the criminal's account. Please make sure your payment goes to us and not to the crooks. Confirm payment details with a phone call or SMS message, especially if you are asked to change anything about the payment.