Sebastien's Favorite Stones

Hello there! This is Sébastien. 

Someone asked me about some of my currently favorite gemstones in the collection. It wasn't an easy pick, I like a lot of them! But here are 3 of them:⠀

■ Malaya garnet from the Mahenge district of Tanzania. That material came from a small alluvial deposit in the remote valley of Lutela and is now depleted. The color is a very pleasant pastel peachy pink and the material is very bright and crispy looking.

■ Tsavorite garnet from Tanzania. I just simply like the shape of this one. It's a completely unique gem, cut from a flat piece of rough. The stone was cut without any diagram, just by intuition and sheer skill, and is a testament to the talent of our master cutter. 

■ Lavender spinel from Luc Yen Vietnam. The color of this spinel is phenomenal, shifting from lavender to blue depending on the light. Not easy to find such a spinel these days, which certainly adds to its appeal.