Meet the Team: Sebastien

Introducing Sebastien, sales person & company brain. ⠀

He knows everything there is to know about mines, gemology, random facts, and the electrical chemistry of semiconductors (12 years ago that is...he might have forgotten some of those details). If we ever have a question about where the stones come from or how they form, and if Seb doesn't know the answer, it's probably not worth knowing. I'm pretty sure that reference books consult him...not the other way around. ⠀

He grew up in France in a family with a great appreciation for books of every kind; astronomy, arts, cooking, religion, novels, history, marine biology…you name it, there was probably a book about it somewhere on one of their shelves.⠀

Fascinated by gemstones since childhood, he was sidetracked by studying chemistry for a few years until after he finished his MA and then promptly decided his true life-calling of gemstones. His interview with Nomad's was about 5 minutes long and ended with Slavik telling him that we needed him on a plane and in the US at the Tucson show 5 days later! Fast forward a few years, he's a vital part of the Nomad's team handling pricing & inventory and part of the sales team based in Asia.⠀

He's always on the lookout for interesting stones and something new to learn. We asked him to share some of his favorite gems:⠀

Spinels & Garnets: cut and polished well, they're fantastic stones with such brilliance and huge array of hues. ⠀

Chrysoberyl! Incredible unique hues and, when combined with its durability and brilliance make for a truly attractive gem. A very underrated stone in his opinion.