Meet the Team: Nook

Introducing Nook, visual artist extraordinaire, all-around friendly person, and the head of our photography team!

She grew up in the suburbs of Bangkok in a traditional Thai family. Fascinated by cinematography since childhood, she later studied it in university. After graduating, she was romantically involved with a gem trader who introduced her to Nomad's when we were looking for an inventory photographer. Fast forward 8 years, they're happily married, and she's a vital part of the Nomad's team!

We were all new to gem photography when she joined us. Mikola had an idea of how a gem photo should look and didn't know how to achieve it, but he told Nook to make it happen. Initially, it took about 2 days to take each photo, mostly rearranging the lights until she finally captured the image they had in mind.

Lots of trial and error (not to mention patience!) later, Nook now takes many of our photos, both artistic and inventory.

She never really enjoyed photography until she had the opportunity to explore and try out new fun & artistic ideas for social media. At first, she started by asking other photographers for advice. Others in the company saw her potential and encouraged her to keep trying, giving her time to grow and continue improving. As her skill and perspective grew, so did Nomad's social media profile.

She loves nearly any outdoor activity: scuba diving, surfing, rock climbing, and hiking. Having made it to the base camp on Everest, her next travel goal is Mongolia!

We asked her to share 3 photography tips:

1.Control your lighting. This is the factor that influences your photography the sets the mood, purpose and feel of your photo.

2.Continually learn & challenge yourself. Try out an impossible makes the work fun, and it just might work!

3.Develop your own style of photography. If you try to copy a well-known style and succeed, you carry their name & style. The original style becomes better known, and your skill isn't recognized.